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winder3 winder

winder2This is what it looks like when you ask a wooden boat builder to make a skein winder. Out of black cherry from the stash of our Great Uncle John.


Borrowed books, new reed
I’ve only got about 10 inches left to weave on the shawl I tied onto to the former warp I had on the loom, I need to finish it over the next two nights so I can have it fulled and finished for Sunday when I’m going to photograph all my weaving properly in a photo studio thanks to a friend of mine. I finally am in possession of a 10 dent 45 inch reed, I picked it up last night at my Guild meeting, which means I can finally get the warp on for the next two blankets I am weaving.
It was my first time volunteering in the Guild library, which was great, while chatting with one of my

Swedish Summer Blanket (part 1)

After the success of my first rug (pictured below), I’ve decided to raise the bar and take on a blanket from a pattern, ableit a very simple one. It’s a Swedish Summer blanket from the book Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave, and is a basic tabby weave using a cotton/linen warp and wool singles as the weft. It also has 589 warp ends in total, which means I spent an entire afternoon counting and at last the end of the threading is in sight, only about 40 left to go.

I made an impulse buy yesterday of an umbrella swift when I was picking up some wool for some projects unrelated to weaving.