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A bunch of teatowels, finally getting the hem how I want, using 16/2 for the hem so it’s less bulky and then 8/2 cottolin for the rest. And the loops out of hemp.

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I was showered with beautiful textiles this weekend with visits from friends near and far. From Poland a handwoven linen Summer and Winter tablecloth in insanely subtle shades of grey; an overshot teatowel by the master weaver Gudrun Weisinger that has its own handwoven loop and is now a pillar of inspiration in the studio; and lastly a linen gem from Dresden, with a partially finished embroidered monogram.


More teatowels

The draft is Landis Valley Linen, one in organic cotton and the other a mix of Krakow flea market linen. I finally switched to hemming teatowels by hand as opposed to on my sewing machine – a world of difference.



Flea market linen and loom bench

I posted last year about a box of linen that my friend had found for me at the flea market in Krakow


This Friday

A lot of stuff piled up for a little special section my friend Ron and I are doing at this on Friday. Kombucha scobies, beeswax candles, some pots, some blobs and a special version of The Tent Shop. I