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More Summer and winter

I turned the few samples I wove in Summer and Winter into some vaguely useful things, a runner and two cloth napkins. Itching to get started on the cotton bath towels, but that will have to wait till later in June.

Summer and winter

Since finishing all the blankets and bringing a huge new loom into my life, I’ve been generally feeling uninspired, pining after more space to work in, etc. I’ve made some plans for some new blankets and rugs to weave over July, but am seriously needing a break from wool. After reading through some of the old issues of Handwoven I got recently, I decided I needed to stop fearing block drafts, which chiefly stems from how extremely boring I find threading. No matter how comfortably I sit, it’s the one part of weaving I have yet to make peace with. That said, once I finished tying on the warp for the Summer and Winter samples I had threaded and started weaving, I was totally amazed how the draft works and the careful threading paid off. Just using some old 8/2 cotton I had, I spent yesterday experimenting with the 3 treadling options of the pattern and now am imagining making a blanket out of Harrisville Shetland wool using a Summer and Winter pattern.

New loom

I have just invited a counterbalance 60 inch 4 shaft loom into my life. GULP. There was a posting on a recent newsletter from my Guild, someone was giving away this loom for free. The loom came from Sweden with a weaver maybe 30 years ago, she wove on it for years and then moved back to Sweden and wasn’t able to take it with her, so gave it to a fellow weaver who’s had it in her garage for years and is now moving house and the loom had to go. I was seriously second-guessing agreeing to take it in the week between seeing it and picking it up, it’s huge and in pieces and I live in an apartment that already has one 45 inch Mira loom in the living room. I won’t be able to set it up for the time being, but now that I’ve fit most of parts (save the beater) into my closet, I’m glad I got it. The warp beam itself is about 8 inches in diameter of solid timber and the bench is built into the frame! The former owner also threw in all of her old copies of Handwoven and Shuttle, Spindle and Dye Pot, so that was a score in and of itself.

Since all the blankets are done, fulled and ready to go with me to Germany in two weeks, I’ve got some time to organize my stash and figure out what to make next. I feel like I definitely need a break from plain weave and twill, so after reading through one of the old issues of Handwoven I’m going to get a Summer and Winter sample going this week. And as the weather gets warmer I can’t bear the thought of weaving anything more out of worsted wool, so I’m also going to weave a set of bath towels using a waffle weave treadling on a huck threading with 4 ply cotton.