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photo 4 (2) indgotest seashawl

So much weaving going on the dining room is now a second studio, some snips from the indgo vat and throwing some cobalt stripes into the new shawls.


sheepPossibly the most beautiful picture of a freshly shorn sheep stretching it’s neck to eat an apple from a tree? In a homemade frame. Just when I thought Value Village was over I went to Nanaimo and found this gem.


photo (24)

New studio! At last. Still need to move the loom over tonight and it won’t be long until I trade in my Mira for for the 12 shaft Cherryville loom waiting for me in Squamish.

New pots, napkins, blanket warp

I got some nice new pots out of the kiln, these were mostly just experiments with slips and glazing on the red clay I have been using now. I recently watched Madelyn van der Hoogt

In my desperation for spring, various flower arrangements have appeared this week, more quickly then the picks on the swedish blanket on my loom right now. The cherry blossoms are actually coming out, today I was buoyed by finding lilies of the valley in a flower stall on my way home, and the fact that my road is pretty much all cherry trees on either side for blocks. In the last picture is a fledgling Norwegian stocking started over x-mas, more on them and the origins of the pattern soon.