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I spent a couple of ours fixing the broken warp threads in my blanket, which didn’t take as long as I had imagined. Also rigged up a skarn out of shoe boxes, knitting needles and clamps. Works a dream.

Marshfield: Part I
This will be the first of many posts documenting the week I’m spending at the Marshfield School of Weaving in Vermont. I’ll be weaving a blanket of turned twill blocks on an 8 shaft barn loom with a cotton warp and a merino weft which has been dyed in natural indigo by Kate Smith, master weaver and my teacher for the week.

After a dark drive through the hills from Montreal via Burlington, the view outside the window, replete with sheep and mist.

Marshfield School of Weaving

Measuring the warp for my blanket (more on that tomorrow). The warp is 16/2 cotton, 1260 ends. Using possibly the biggest warping board I will ever encounter in my lifetime.

Using a scarn for the first time so I could warp 4 threads at the same time. This technique has changed my life and there is no looking back at any other method, as I wound this warp in about 3 hours.

Everywhere amazing things EVERYWHERE makes it hard to not become distracted.

Spreading my warp in a handmade raddle.