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I’ve been a bit Silas Marner these days, finishing up a bunch of shawls and spending time with this pattern, which looks like turned twill blocks when you squint at it. Also starting using sticks once I’ve tied on, they spread the warp nicely and then protect the cloth from the knots while it’s on the beam. I saw it used for the first time on Tudor Monastery Farm, can’t say no to a 15th century technique.

photo 4 (2) indgotest seashawl

So much weaving going on the dining room is now a second studio, some snips from the indgo vat and throwing some cobalt stripes into the new shawls.



Two shawls I made especially for two friends found themselves in the Badlands over the weekend, which included a stop at the Banff Centre library, where I got to see some copies of Loom Music in the flesh, along with some beautiful samples in a book of Swedish weaving.

A new shawl for myself, the warp is Harrisville Designs Shetland in ebony and midnight, the weft is in natural with a few spruce green stripes. I’m about to jump into some production weaving for another project, so wanted to whip this one out to take me with to Europa in a couple of weeks.

A very limited number of these shawls are for sale, contact me for details.