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Finished scarf

I finished the ends of my scarf with the same twisted tassels at the rug I just made – and after washing the scarf is super fluffy and warm, but I’m not wishing for winter because we still even had

Winter scarf

I fooled myself into thinking that I could whip off a scarf quickly as an antidote to all the weaving my last rug took, but I was totally wrong as this scarf is taking me ages. It’s 80 inches long so that could be part of it. The warp is 8 epi, using a smaller reed I have (for the first time) and a nubbly wool single I have in cherry red, with a weft of the same wool but in a more orange poppy red, in a pointed twill. I’ve also realized the benefit of weaving in some fabric once you’ve tied on, as it separates the warp evenly before you weave the first pick. In my classic impatient rush to get started I thought I’d use my bathrobe belt to save time digging out fabric and cutting it into a long strip. It works brilliantly other than I don’t have a bathrobe belt until I get this weaving off the loom, hopefully this evening.

I’m looking forward to washing the scarf