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I have a very limited selection of rugs available for sale – email me for details.


The first few inches of the 12 pick straight twill sequence – A (blue), B (lichen): ABBA, ABAA, ABBB.

New rug

I had measured a rug warp back in the fall when I thought I might have time to make one last rug for my show, I only had so much linen so supplemented the warp with some turquoise carpet warp. The finished rug will be weft-faced so the contrasting turquoise will only be visible in the twisted fringe. This one is sleyed at 5 epi and I


This Friday

A lot of stuff piled up for a little special section my friend Ron and I are doing at this on Friday. Kombucha scobies, beeswax candles, some pots, some blobs and a special version of The Tent Shop. I


Rugs so far

I have been doing so much weaving with a deadline in mind that I keep forgetting to take pictures of what