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Berber wool, half a sock, more Renata

Just back from a week in London and I managed to make it up Finsbury Park to go to the Handweavers Studio and Gallery, thank god I had limited time as otherwise I would have been pulled into a black hole of browsing. The rug wool that they have alone paralyzed me in my tracks with ideas. I had gone there knowing I wanted to buy some berber wool and linen rug warp which is harder to get in Canada, so I put my blinders on (how PAINFUL!) and didn’t look at the looms or the cottons or any of the tools and picked up some balls of berber wool which I am SO excited about. They also had a really amazing wool rug by Jason Collingwood (son of Peter Collingwood) on display which I was excited to see.

I got part way through a sock on the plane as well, I don’t know what’s going on with my sock knitting at the moment, I wanted to try out doing them differently but this one seems to have gone a bit weird, I think because I have been doing the Woodsman’s socks so much I had forgotten how to do regular ones.

And my wonderful friends who introduced me to Renata Bonfanti’s work gave me a catalogue, her work is blowing my mind, especially the pieces that are variations on a pointed twill, they are so inspiring.

Renata Bonfanti, wool rug, 1975

Renata Bonfanti, ‘Giappone’, hand-knotted wool carpet, 1959

Renata Bonfanti, wool rug, c. 1950s

Renata Bonfanti

A friend recently told me about the Italian weaver Renata Bonfanti (as her studio is in his hometown in Italy) and I was very happy to find these pictures of her studio via the blog Strange Closets. It