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Amazingly, my eagle eyes on the ground in Krakow found a kilim last week that is a close relative to the kilim I found last time I was there, the same sunflower pattern but this one in blues. Still researching to find the studio/era they were made in.

Grottastudio_03 Grottastudio_02 Grottastudio_01

In place of going to Poland, I’ve been digging around looking for images that might allow me to date the two kilims I brought home with me from Krakow last time I was there. Amazing to see these Polish kilims being woven on upright looms.

At LONG last

The sashiko / Mennonite / Polish rollers quilt which has been six years in the making is almost done. I think I’ve done the majority of the work on it in the last 2 months and I am finally stitching by hand the border of the quilt. I can see some parts of this quilt done with abandon, other parts with total patience, at least I’ve made my mitered corners perfectly and finishing the edge in a way that would make my Grandma L proud.



Polish rollers

As I am still waiting for a box of materials to arrive both looms are sitting and waiting too, which means I

More teatowels

The draft is Landis Valley Linen, one in organic cotton and the other a mix of Krakow flea market linen. I finally switched to hemming teatowels by hand as opposed to on my sewing machine – a world of difference.



Flea market linen and loom bench

I posted last year about a box of linen that my friend had found for me at the flea market in Krakow


None of the weaving I had planned to do over the holiday has happened yet – but I did receive the most amazing package from Krakow (thank you Chris!), including a very beautiful overshot tablecloth, above. Its presence is making up for the lack of loom activity around here.



When we visited the skansen in Tokarnia, in the kitchen of one of the houses (which I believe was from the 19th C and is also the one building I didn’t take any pictures of) had walls that were painted pale blue with a beautiful pattern in white printed onto the wall, which I learned was done with rubber rollers (and is very common in Poland). And of course, my friend found a whole set of them for me at the flea market, including the actual metal device that the rollers fit in.


Kilims part II

This is the kilim that my eagle-eyed host spotted at the flea market and the more I look at it the more strange the rendering of each sunflower and leaf becomes, and then there is that single black V shape hanging out in the bottom left hand corner. It came with loops to hang it on the wall, which is where kilims would be traditionally displayed, being of too much value to become worn lying on the floor. There is one spot that has suffered some serious wear and a somewhat colour blind repair has been done on this area