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PMSCame across this very special linen sheet in the V&A collection:

Around the edges of the sheet are six sets of initials embroidered in pink silk, four of which bear dates ranging from 1786 to 1900. According to the note that accompanied this anonymous donation these initials refer to the individuals who were covered with the sheet when laid out after death.



markings_01photoHave almost completed stitching up my linen sheet. Each stitch goes through the loop of each weft at the selvage edge, which means it will lie flat and the stitches will relax once washed thus making it barely visible as half of a stripe was woven at each edge to produce a full stripe.

Above are two pages from the article on Markings by Kathleen B. Smith of Textile Reproductions, you can download them all here.

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Singles linen and spot weave humbled me in my last week. while also giving me a a glimpse into truly how beautiful cloth from linen singles can be. From the 8 yard warp I put on the loom I got about a foot of cloth, with threads breaking about every two picks. We sized it using a a mix of wallpaper paste and vegetable oil, which did reduce the fluffiness, but had us prying apart the threads for each treadling at the magic moment between the thread being too wet and too dry. But OH THE CLOTH it makes.









Month-long bliss at Marshfield this August. Linen was the main focus of my work study, all of which I got to weave on an very special 18th century loom that had recently come to the barn from Connecticut. One of the projects I wove was a double bed sheet in 40/2 linen, striped and dyed with one of the many indigo vats cooking outside this summer. I also was lucky to see a sheet in their collection, dated and numbered, a historical practice as one’s linens were of such great value.


Flea market linen and loom bench

I posted last year about a box of linen that my friend had found for me at the flea market in Krakow